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Who We Are?

GoR Recycling Hub is a subsidiary institute of Ceylon Emerald Way (Pvt) Ltd.(CEW). CEW is a company registered under companies act 2007 of Sri Lanka and it has a limited number of local privet investors. CEW is involved in Cultivation projects, Environmental conservation projects, Tourism projects and Advertising projects in Sri Lanka.

GoR Recycling Hub


Is to become one of the leaders in the recycling industry, increase the plastic recycling rate of Sri Lanka, and reduce the importation of verging plastics by supplying good quality raw materials to our customers.

Is to introduce the circular economy to the recycling industry.

Is to mitigate adding plastics to water streams and then Conserve Rivers and the ocean and Contributing to environmental conservation by minimizing the accumulation of plastic and other recyclable waste in the environment

Is to mitigate adding plastics to water streams and then conserve rivers and the ocean 


Strive to achieve a sustainable development of the waste management process, considering factors like safety, competition, productivity, and profitability.

Is to Introduce convenient methods and places to responsibly dispose of post-consumer waste plastics.

Introduce efficient ways of collecting and segregating waste plastics for recycling.

Introducing the circular economy to the industry by adding value to waste plastics in order to encourage people to earn extra income from waste materials

Is to raise awareness in the community about the negative impact of irresponsible handling of post-consumer waste plastics and the positive side of recycling and the circular economy.

Rivers are the main stream of adding plastics to the ocean.

GoR for the Rivers introduced River Plastics® to inform the public about the threats and how to pollute the rivers with plastics, organize cleanup programs with our cooperating partners, and then facilitate places and methods to dispose of post-consumption plastics in a responsible manner for consumers to sustain our efforts. We collect River Plastics® and process them, adding value in many ways.

We, the GoR Recycling Hub, are here to provide a solid solution for waste plastic disposal in Sri Lanka. As the first step of this journey, we have started collecting every kind of plastic waste from public places, houses, hotels, hospitals, schools, government institutes, industries, etc. in Sabaragamuwa Province. Also, we have set up a plastic buying center (GoR Recycling Hub) located in Newtown, Ratnapura. In terms of the circular economy, we are adding value to waste plastics so that people can earn extra money even from household garbage.

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